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Shamanism, Intuition, Ancient Sacred Sites, Women's Holistic Health, Energy Healing, Power Animals, Dreams and the Subconscious Mind, Imaginal Psychology, Ancient Goddess Wisdom, Unity Field Healing, Jungian Psychology, and more!


Learn how ancient spiritual practices and modern-day science are mutually reinforcing.

Physics, superstring theory, epigenetics, quantum theory, DNA research, studies of dark matter and dark energy, and many other lines of scientific research are discovering and proving again & again the truth behind the wisdom that ancient & indigenous peoples have known for millenia.

The simple fact is that energy and ancient healing methods are the next frontier that science is just beginning to discover.

... And yet, at the same time, these practices are essential & eternal truths that we have known since the beginning of time.  

Our scientific instruments, and for most people, our five senses are not attuned to pick up on auras, chakras, the spirit world, and other aspects of the unseen, vibrational reality that surrounds us. But we should not assume that this reality doesn't exist.

With this summit, we invite you to explore the idea that there may be far more to our everyday existence than meets the eye.

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Featuring John Perkins, Melissa Joy Jonsson, Claude Poncelet, Tanishka (Facebook's Moon Woman), Michael Stone, Clare Dakin, Alida Birch, Dr. Steven Farmer, Simone Wright, Dr. John Ryan, Linda Kohanov, and many more!

The Ancient Wisdom / Modern Science Global Online Summit was designed to change the world by sharing ways that we can weave together ancient & indigenous wisdom with modern science & technology to co-create a brighter future for ourselves and our planet.


Intuition, Energy, Holistic Health, & Unity Field Healing

Learn how science increasingly supports the presence of invisible forces and the interconnectedness of all things; and how developing our resonance with these natural forces can lead to groundbreaking insights for our own growth and fulfillment.

Studies and research in quantum physics, cosmology, theories of the universe and the Big Bang, and other scientific disciplines show that everything is made of energy, and we can access a universal consciousness to gain deep insights about ourselves, our place in the cosmos, and life itself.

Reclaiming Ancient Feminine Wisdom, Goddess Worship in the Modern World, & Women's Holistic Health

Sacred feminine principles hold the key to sustainability and moving into a new age of love, compassion, and creativity. Virtually all ancient cultures were matriarchal, with the Goddess / Mother receiving the highest level of honor and respect due to her magical abilities to create new life, to heal others, and to connect intimately with Spirit. Learn how we can remember and reconnect with our Mother Earth, the Creatrix of all beings; and with the deep feminine wisdom which resides innately within all of us, both men and women.

Shamanism, Co-Creation, Power Animals, & Healing Ancestral Karma

Learn about Indigenous Elder Wisdom. Dream a new world into being. Learn about shamanic journeying as a bridge between our known physical reality and the unseen realms that are always available to us. Find your power animals and spirit guides, and see how they can point you toward your purpose in life.

Learn how shamanism and physics are mutually reinforcing. Open up to recognizing the sacredness in all things, and discover why shamanism is so critically needed at this time. 

Animal Communication, Learning the Language of Nature, & Lucid Dreaming with Animals

All of nature speaks the same language, an intuitive form of communication that is imprinted in our ancestral memory. How can we remember the language of the trees, the animals, even the rocks and rivers? Our pets yearn to communicate with us too, and we can open up our senses to understand them.

On a deeper level, the Earth and certain species of animals such as polar bears and whales are increasingly known to reach out to us through dreams and insights, seeking partnership with humans to awaken our potential for peace and sustainability on the planet.

Remembering the Dreamtime, Brain States, & the Subconscious Mind

When we access altered brain states, we open our hearts and minds to hear the whispering of the divine. We spend most of our waking life in a hurried, beta mind state. How can we access the alpha and theta brain waves which are known to bring peace, healing, and insights?

"An uninterpreted dream is like throwing away an unopened letter from God." (quote from the Talmud) When we dream, we access a unitive field of consciousness full of hidden meanings and symbolism. How do we begin the journey of working with dreams? How do dreams intersect with daytime life? And which is the true reality: Your waking life, or your dreams? Learn how indigenous dream cultures answer this question.

Astrology, Tarot, Star People, & Past Life Memories

Science has confirmed that we are made of stardust. So are the planets, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and everything we can possibly touch on the Earth. We have energetic links to the heavenly bodies such as the moon, sun, and stars, which influence our personality and our destiny. Learn how astrology works, why it provides amazingly accurate insights, and how it can be complemented by tarot.

Did we choose our purpose before we were born into this life? Have you ever met a stranger who you felt like you knew from another lifetime? Past life regression therapy is helping us to understand where we came from and that we are all involved in a higher purpose beyond what we might have ever believed.


... And that's only the beginning!


Learn more about the accelerating shift in human consciousnesS.

join a global community committed to creating a brighter future for our children, our grandchildren, and the next seven generations.


"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time."

~T. S. Eliot


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