Dr. Eric Pearl, founder of  Reconnective Healing  and author of international bestseller    The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

Dr. Eric Pearl, founder of Reconnective Healing and author of international bestseller The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

Interview Topic:

A Quantum Leap Into Life Progress with Dr. Eric Pearl

A comprehensive introduction to the philosophy, art, and science of Reconnective Healing®. You will experience an in-depth exploration about what ‘healing’ means, and you will learn about the simplicity of the Reconnective Healing approach to life progress.

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Website: http://www.thereconnection.com/

Dr. Pearl's bestselling book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself: http://www.thereconnection.com/eric-pearl/the-reconnection-book/


Dr. Eric Pearl operated a successful chiropractic practice in LA for twelve years before discovering Reconnective Healing when his patients began reporting healings from mental and physical ailments without his physically touching them. Since then, he’s been hosting presentations and Training Programs with a team of practitioners to provide education about this form of healthcare.

Now recognized and supported by science, Reconnective Healing facilitates healings for people that are often instantaneous and can last a lifetime. Feeling compelled to teach others, Eric’s work has taken him to over 100 countries and has affected millions of people. Eric’s hope is that one day everyone will learn to access this natural ability and will use it to heal themselves and others. The Reconnection Team has practitioners in six continents, and this growing community has been featured on CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, and in The New York Times.

Dr. Eric Pearl's internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in over 39 languages, and has been endorsed by such notables as Deepak Chopra, MD.

In this book, Dr. Eric Pearl tells the story of how he first encountered the Reconnective Healing Frequencies and set foot on the path of healing. Initially skeptical, Dr. Pearl came to understand that there is a universal intelligence which is accessible to us all – one that can facilitate extraordinary healings through bringing us into alignment, balance, and harmony. Entertaining and inspiring, this book is written in the way that Dr. Pearl speaks – leaving readers feeling intimately acquainted with him. From his birth – during which his mother momentarily died, to his first experience with healings that could not be explained, to his quest for answers with authorities who were baffled, to his launch of The Reconnection, training programs, this book tells it all, making it the perfect introduction to Dr. Eric Pearl’s work.

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