Featuring interviews with 20 experts in the following fields: Shamanism, Intuition, Ancient Sacred Sites, Women's Holistic Health, Energy Healing, Power Animals, Dreams and the Subconscious Mind, Imaginal Psychology, Ancient Goddess Wisdom, Unity Field Healing, Jungian Psychology, and more!


Learn how ancient spiritual practices and modern-day science are mutually reinforcing.

Physics, string theory and superstring theory, epigenetics, ..., ..., and many other lines of scientific research are discovering and proving again & again the truth behind the wisdom that ancient & indigenous peoples have known for millenia.

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intuition & vibrational energy

Learn how science increasingly supports the presence of invisible forces and the interconnectedness of all things; and how developing our resonance with these natural forces can lead to groundbreaking insights for our own growth and fulfillment.

dreams, meditation, brain states, & the subconscious mind

When we access altered brain states, we open our hearts and minds to hear the whispering of the divine. Learn ancient and modern methods of revealing the deep inner wisdom that can change the course of your life.

Shamanism & power animals

Connecting with the unseen worlds, shapeshifting, and dreaming a new world into being. Learn about shamanic journeying as a bridge between our known physical reality and the vast, powerful, universal consciousness.

energy healing & holistic therapies

Why are energy healing, acupuncture, Reiki, and other ancient healing methods so effective? Learn more about why these holistic treatments are increasingly recommended by medical doctors, and how you can access your own innate healing power.

... And that's only the beginning!


The Ancient Wisdom / Modern Science Global Online Summit was designed to change the world by sharing ways that we can weave together ancient & indigenous wisdom with modern science & technology to co-create a brighter future for ourselves and our planet.


Here is our amazing lineup of speakers!

Featuring John Perkins, Melissa Joy Jonsson, Claude Poncelet, Tanishka (Facebook's Moon Woman), Michael Stone, Alida Birch, Dr. Steven Farmer, Simone Wright, Dr. John Ryan, and many more!


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