Dr. John Ryan,  board certified physician, energy healer, speaker, visionary, and author of    The Missing Pill   .

Dr. John Ryan, board certified physician, energy healer, speaker, visionary, and author of The Missing Pill.

Interview Topic:

Dr. John Ryan’s book The Missing Pill, Unity Field Healing, and Why This is A Remarkable Time to Be Alive

In this time with together we will discuss the evolving paradigm of energy and consciousness based healing in this remarkable time of planetary transformation. We will explore the emerging concept of quantum DNA and learn about a new energy modality that was given to Dr. John in a series of meditative visions now known as Unity Field Healing. Dr. Ryan has been told that this work draws upon healing wisdom that dates back to ancient Lemuria and is returning to human consciousness to support human beings walk both for healing support and to walk through this transition with greater ease and grace.

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Website: http://drjohnryan.org/

His Book: http://drjohnryan.org/missing-pill

Unity Field Healing: http://drjohnryan.org/unity-field-healing.html


Dr. John Ryan is a board certified physician, energy healer, speaker and visionary.  His life was transformed by a series of mystical events that led him to discover the validity of a spiritual and energy based healing paradigm – his passion.  In recent years, his work has led him to the mystical threshold of the quantum basis of DNA, its integral connection to the human spirit, and the potential of this awakening knowledge to support human evolution.  His goal is to bring this information “down to earth”– so everyone can benefit from the emerging knowledge available in this awakening time. He is the author of The Missing Pill and founder of Unity Field Healing, a “quantum” process of conscious DNA activation.

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