Linda Kohanov , Founder / Director of  The Eponaquest Worldwide . Linda is an internationally-recognized author, speaker, riding instructor, and horse trainer.

Linda Kohanov, Founder / Director of The Eponaquest Worldwide. Linda is an internationally-recognized author, speaker, riding instructor, and horse trainer.

Interview Topic:

The Heart of Evolution: Exploring the Hidden History and Untapped Potential of the Human-Animal Bond … and how this bond has the potential to take us to a whole new level of social evolution in the future.

Linda will share compelling historical, archaeological, biochemical, and behavioral research to illuminate a process of mutual transformation that challenges all of our previous notions of HOW and WHY our ancestors formed close partnerships with animals.

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Eponaquest Workshops with Linda:


Linda Kohanov is an internationally-recognized author, speaker, riding instructor and horse trainer. In 1997, she founded an Arizona-based collective of horse professionals, educators, coaches and counselors exploring the potential of the horse-human bond, an organization that has grown to serve clients on five continents, called Eponaquest Worldwide.

Her first bestselling book The Tao of Equus was selected as one of the top books of 2001 by

Her second book Riding Between the Worlds: Expanding Our Potential through the Way of the Horse was published in November 2003, and also received excellent reviews. Linda’s books have been translated into French, German, Dutch, and Czech, and are used as texts at universities.

In 2007, Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self Discovery, a collaboration with artist Kim McElroy, was published, taking “horse wisdom” into the home, the workplace, schools, and other human environments, offering equine-inspired insights on relationship, leadership, non-verbal communication, creativity, power, authenticity, and balance.

In 2013, Kohanov’s fourth book The Power of the Herd: A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership and Innovation explored what horses have to teach us about leadership and social intelligence, with extensive historical and scientific research showing why the world’s most innovative and effective leaders, were exceptional horsemen who honed the nonverbal skills associated with leadership presence on horseback.

Linda has just finished her fifth book The Five Roles of a Masterful Leader, which will be published in June 2016.

Over the last decade, Linda has appeared at numerous conferences, universities and retreat centers. She has been a leadership trainer for a major player in the aerospace industry since 2007, and has also led trainings for executive teams at many leading companies.

Kohanov’s seminars attract business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, mental health professionals, artists, spiritual leaders, and activists from six continents. Since 1997, Linda has trained thousands of people around the world. The demand for seminars became so great that, starting in 2002, she began training instructors capable of leading their own seminars in the Eponaquest Approach. Currently over 200 Eponaquest Instructors from five continents have graduated from this highly successful, year-long apprenticeship program.

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