Tamarack Song ,  Director of the Teaching Drum Outdoor School and author of books on nature, Zen, Native lifeways, and storytelling.

Tamarack Song, Director of the Teaching Drum Outdoor School and author of books on nature, Zen, Native lifeways, and storytelling.

Interview Topic:

Reconnecting with Nature by Learning Her Language

All of nature: the birds, deer, insects, flowers, and trees, speak the same language, which keeps them in touch with each other and functioning in synchronicity. We already know this language; it is imprinted in our ancestral memory. By practicing a few exercises, we can get back in touch with it and understand the wild the animals are saying—and even get close enough to touch them if we wish.

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Website: http://teachingdrum.org/index.html

Blog: http://tamaracksong.org/blog/

Books & Writings: http://teachingdrum.org/writingsoftamaracksong.html

Tamarack's latest book: Becoming Nature: Learning the Language of Wild Animals and Plants , published in March 2016


Tamarack spent most of his childhood running with wild animals, and as a young adult he lived with a pack of Wolves. There are times during those years when he talked more with animals than with people.

Now living in the Nicolet National Forest, his yard is certified wildlife habitat and he manages a nature preserve. He helped pioneer the natural landscaping movement by being the first person in his state to win the legal right to convert his lawn into native prairie and woodland. Out in the woods for at least a short time every day, he says it’s possible for nearly everyone to do so, either by converting a part of their yard into natural habitat or making an apartment balcony attractive to birds and butterflies.

His goal is to help everyone learn animal language who wishes to, so that they too can look into the eyes of a Wolf, or just talk with the Birds and Squirrels outside their windows.

Tamarack is the director of the Teaching Drum Outdoor School and the author of books on nature, Zen, Native lifeway, and storytelling. He can be reached at tamarack@teachingdrum.org.

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